wild food & herbal CSH

returning for our third year  –   MAY – OCTOBER 2018 .

(( O P E N  . F O R .  R E G I S T R A T I O N ))

a monthly seasonal offering of wild food & medicine.

a taste of nova scotian forest, field & sea.

each monthly delivery will contain two to six wild-crafted food items and two to six herbal medicinals. all botanicals mindfully wild harvested or organically grown, prepared in small batches; these are high quality and hand-made herbal products. with each box will come a monthly newsletter woven with local plant folklore, traditional use by indigenous cultures, instructions & recipes.

become familiar with what is growing here in nova scotia.

build up a herbal apothecary to have on hand to treat colds and flus, bug bites, scrapes, burns (basic herbal first aid), stomach and digestive problems,  plants to boost your immune system, and help deal with anxiety.

experience freshly harvested nutritive and nourishing wild foods. wild plants are rich in vitamins and minerals, they are resilient and potent in nutrition and medicine.learn h ow to incorporate them into every day cooking, and enjoy new unique flavors.

some things you might find within :

medicinal and wild edible mushrooms, tonics & elixirs, botanical infused vinegars, smudge sticks, wild greens, sore-throat spray, wildcrafted teas, herbal honeys, seaweed and sea greens, herbal cough syrup, salves, bitters, cordials and more.

limited space available, reserve your spot now.

may – october 2018

$80 a month for a regular share

$60 for a small share

pick up locations : valley/south shore/halifax

we are also very open to trades and part trades!
( including work trades )

some things we are interested in are:

  • grass-fed beef / pasture-raised gmo-free pork (as well as fat and bones)
  • organically raised free-range chickens, ducks, turkey & eggs
  • organically grown vegetables, fruit, and herbs like local ginger and turmeric
  • hand-crafted knives, clothing, tools, etc.
  • ferments
  • acupuncture sessions (potentially other bodywork)
  • tattoos
  • do you have other skills, goods to offer? try us.