wild food & herbal CSH


begin the journey of re-connection with wild food and medicine, and hold your health in your own hands. become familiar with local plants and build a herbal apothecary to have on hand for treating colds and flus, bug bites, scrapes, burns, cuts, stomach and digestive problems, and calming anxiety.

each monthly box will contain two to six wild-crafted food items and two to six herbal medicinals, seasonally variable. all either mindfully wild-crafted or organically grown, prepared in small batches, high quality and hand-made herbal products. they will come with a monthly newsletter filled with recipes, instructions and herbal folklore

some things you might find within :

herbal cough syrup, salves, tinctures & elixirs, herbal oils, vinegars, smudge sticks, wild greens, sore-throat spray, wild-crafted teas, herbal honeys, medicinal and wild edible mushrooms, seaweed and sea greens, bitters, cordials, wild pestos. . .

limited space available so please reserve your spot now.

$75 a month for a regular share

$50 for a small share

$800 for the year.

sign up month by month, or whatever makes sense for you. we are flexible. just need two-three weeks notice.

herbal medicine is deeply entwined in our history, all across the world. plant medicine is a gentle and effective way of healing yourself, maintaining your well-being and practicing self-care.

nature has many offerings packed with flavor and potent, nutritious foods and herbs. learn what is growing near and around you, from weeds in your garden or backyard (some which are many times more nutritious, not to mention readily available, than the plants we often tend to intentionally grow). learn to use them in every day cooking, and to savor them on their own. from sea greens to the weeds of forests and fields, to wild mushrooms and berries, you will be pleasantly surprised but what is growing around us.

pick up locations to be determined. valley/southshore/halifax