herbal medicine is the peoples medicine.

plants have been revered and used for centuries. they are deeply rooted in folk remedies and traditional medicine in many cultures worldwide. they are what connects us to the earth, and the land around us.

from forest and field, we offer small-batch, choice herbal wares and plant extracted, lunar and solar infused potions, salves, elixirs, and other brews for self-care. we also offer a monthly herbal CSH (community supported herbalism) box with bountiful seasonal offerings of local wild foods and medicinal and herbal goods.

   ** disclaimer: i am not a doctor, and everyones body reacts differently to plants. this information is for educational purposes only. we do not presume to give medical advice. for diagnosis and treatment, you can meet with a clinical herbalist or naturopath who can help you along the way. the actions of each herb or herbal ware are descriptions of their traditional uses, for informational purposes.