placenta services


for thousands of years, people have recognized the benefits of using the placenta for nourishment and healing. animals intuitively know to eat the placenta, firstly for hiding the blood and fluids from predators, but also for recovering from the throes of birth. . .

the placenta offers high levels of nutrients and minerals, can stop post-partum hemorrhaging, and gives a shot of oxytocin to help reduce stress. it can help balance hormones, aid in breast-milk production, help the uterus heal, as well as helping with post-partum depression.

i offer the following placenta services:

placenta pills – this is a simple and easy way to get the nourishment and healing effects of the placenta into your body. mothers who choose to use their own placenta have reported easier post-partum recuperation and healing. the placenta provides iron, vitamin b, and other useful vitamins and nutrients that help recover from birth and ease the transition into motherhood. and they last for years. i can also add other specific herbs that may be useful in the healing process, please inquire for more info.

i offer two options for this, either the placenta is dehydrated raw, or steamed with warming herbs according to traditional chinese medicine. after being dehydrated, the placenta is powdered, and then put into organic vegetable glycerine derived capsules for easy ingestion and use.


placenta salve – i infuse some of the dried powdered placenta along with some healing herbs to create a a soothing salve that can be used for cesarean scars, perineal soreness or tears, cuts, burns and more.


placenta tincture – tincturing a small part of the placenta in alcohol can help extend the benefits of the placenta. it can be helpful for use during times of stress, anxiety, and can help further the other hormone balancing, and pain and post-partum depression relieving effects.


if you want to eat your placenta, or have portions of it frozen for easy and quick use in smoothies or meals, let me know and i will do as you wish. your placenta will be treated with care and consideration, and processed in a clean and sterile environment.

how it works:

your placenta can be saved whether you have a home-birth or hospital birth. it needs to be refrigerated immediately, and you can notify me as soon as you can after giving birth. i will pick up the placenta, and return it to you in the requested forms in 24-48 hours. it is as simple as that. tincture will take a bit longer, as it needs to infuse for 2-4 weeks. i do pick ups in the valley area, contact me for more info. i am happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have, i am very flexible and looking forward to helping you experience the wild and nourishing benefits of your placenta.