a morning ode to weeds.


more than ever lately i have been grateful for the medicine of the weeds, their incredibly resilient nature, and the strong but innocuous medicine that they offer, often despite their persecution and prejudice. i think of dandelion, plantain, lamb’s quarters, dock, burdock and so many other green allies who are often forgotten literally underfoot while we seek out more exotic and exciting medicinals and foods. but these weeds are plentiful, they are everywhere, from the countryside to the city, and they are absolutely packed with nutrients and minerals. the fact that they are from the land on which we walk and build our homes; it makes so much sense to make them a part of our daily lives, for food and medicine. they are here. they are healing both the land, and us, if only we let them. it is intriguing to think of eating to prevent sickness, but food is hugely comparative to medicine. to eat to stay well, rather than waiting to get sick before trying to get healthy again. when we eat the food and medicine growing wild from this land, we become the land around us, on a cellular level.

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